Fast Catch
It is important to absolve 5 catches as fast as possible. For doing that the thrower stands in a circle with a diameter of 4 m. The boomerang must fly at least 20 m, must be catched and may not hit the ground. The throw is invalid if one of these three conditions is not fulfilled. The thrower has to repeat the throw. This entails a loss of time.

The rules are alike the rules of fast catch. In this discipline you must achieve as much catches as possible during 5 minutes.

Every thrower has five throws which are to make from a circle with a diameter of 4 m. Around this circle there are drawn bigger circles with a diameter of 8, 12, 16, 20 m like a target. The aim of this discipline is to let the boomerang land as close to the inner circle as possible. You get points from 1 to 10 for the accuracy.

Australian Round
The thrower has 5 throws which must be made from the 4 m circle. In this discipline you get points for:
distance (over 30 m-2 points, over 40 m-4 points, over 50 m-6 points)
catch (4 points) and
accuracy (1 to 10 points).
20 points per throw are possible.

Long Distance
The distance which the boomerang has coverd until it turns is measured. When it comes back it has to fly over the line of the circle where it was thrown off. In this discipline you do not have to catch the boomerang.

The boomerang must stay in the air as long as possible and must be catched inside a circle with a diameter of 100 m. The time the boomerang stays in the air depends on the thermic conditions.

Except of the listed disciplines, there are much more which are carried out on competitions.
It must be said that the throwers use special constructed for the different disciplines.

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