First you look for a sufficient big, free area. Sports grounds with lawn, green spaces in parks, mowed meadows or gathered corn fields are suitable.

Especially as a boomerang-novice you should watch, that there are no other persons for 50 m round. Throw to wind force 2 at the most; it`s frustrating when the boomerang is allways blown away by the wind.

Are you right- or left hander? So called "left-hander-boomerangs" have another profile and on principal another way of flying than "right-hander-boomerangs".illustration 1

difference between right- an lefthand boomerang

Trowing technique

On principle there are to consider 3 important factors:

1. Angle to the wind

2. Angle of inclination

3. Angle to the horizontal

to point 1.)

You find out the direction of the wind by throwing some grass up in the air or with a thread which is fixed on your wrist. The throw with a right-hand-boomerang should ensue between 45 and 90 degrees to the right out of the wind. Every boomerang has got it´s individual angle.Illustration 2

to point 2.)

Do not throw the boomerang like a frisbee i.e. not horizontal to the ground. Dependend on the wind the boomerang should be thrown in an angle of inclination between vertical and at the most 45 degrees. Rule of thump: The stronger the wind, the more vertical the throw. Illustration 3

to point 3.)

The boomerang should be thrown off a bit upwards (5-15 degrees) in reference to the ground.Illustration 4

pictures of the correct throw

Please watch that the outstanding side of your boomerang shows inwards when you throw it off. Embrace it so, that your forefinger and middle finger are on the ablique edge. Alternative you can use the so called "pinch grip", here the boomerang is squeezed between your thump and forefinger. By both forms of gripping the boomerang it´s important that you set it in strong rotation by a lashing motion of your wrist. Watch that you don´t tear your wrist away to the side because the angle of inclination will be too wide.

If you did all details in the right relation to each other you will be rewarded with a perfect flight. The boomerang rises in the first part of the circle and comes slowly sinking back to the thrower.

In doing so it losts more and more forward speed an comes horizontal back to the thrower.

The capture

If the throw works like described above, you can try to catch the boomerang. The safest and easiest method is do squeeze the boomerang betweens the hands. Therefore you hold the hands horizontal one upon the other like clapping and when the boomerang flies between them you clap them together.

Illustration 5

catch of the boomerang

At the end some tips what to do if the boomerang does not fly as described.

It´s very important that the boomerang lies plain on an even surface. Only the ends of the wings should be curved upwards. If thats´s not the case it has to be bent carefully. There fore you can heat the ends with a hair dryer. Then you can bend the ends upwards carefully. Few millimeters are sufficient.

If the boomerang drops to the ground shortly after the throw the throwing power has to be increased.

If it flies over the thrower after its return and begins a second circle, the throwing power has to be reduced.

If it lands too distant on the right side of the thrower, the angle do the wind has to be reduced.

If it lands do distant on the left, the angle to the wind has to be increased.

If the boomerang rises too steep and drops out of control, you have to reduce the angle of inclination. (Do not hold it like a sichle).

If it turns before it reaches the thrower, you have to increase the angle of inclination.

If it flies too low at the beginning, rises then and comes back fast and low, you habe to throw it off a bit higher.

The more you practice the more often you have the expenence of a perfect throw.

Security aspects

(Wooden) Boomerangs are no toys for children but sports articles. They shall make fun, but also been taken serious!! They should be thrown on sufficient large areas only!! Do not throw then nearby unconcerned persons!! Never throw a boomerang when the wind is too strong!! More than one throwers: only one boomerang in the air!! The producer does´nt take over the liability for damages ind injurys which are caused by proper or improper use of the boomerang!! The first attention when you want to throw a boomerang must be paid to security!!


Much fun with the new boomerang and

many happy returns

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