constructing a boomerang

To achieve good results you need the right material; the most suitable material is plywood which exists of several glued layers. For constructing boomerangs finnish birch-plywood with 2 layers per mm is the best.

You need :
plan for the construction with a drawn profile
foliage-saw / prick-saw
medium wood-grater
2 clamps
100 and 180 emery paper
grounding, lacquer (spray-cans or prank-lacquers)


  1. Make a stencile out of pasteboard
  2. Transfer the outline on the plywood (for lefthanded use the stencile like a mirror image); make sure that the copy is drawn on the side of the plywood where the edge is vaulted upwards.
  3. Saw the boomerang out
  4. Draw the profile (lefthanded !! Use the drawing like a mirror image) (See drawing 1)
  5. Use the clamps to fix the boomerang at the edge of a table.
  6. Use the wood-grater (later the file) to work out the profile (example for a profile: see drawing 2)
  7. Use emery paper 100 to make the boomerang smooth and spread it with quick grind grounding.
  8. When it is dry, smooth the boomerang with emery paper 180
  9. Test the boomerang (throwing instruction)
  10. If necessary correct the profile
  11. Protect the boomerang with lacquer.
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fast boomerang
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